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  • 18 November 2020
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further to my previous emails you have  referred me to  a debt  company.  This event is bloody absurd I refer  to my previous emails.  Attached below

I received your email.  I am in the middle of a complaint to id.  I have  tried for two months to get through to them as I paced the number out in September.  They are an impossible company to deal with as they require a phone number to do anything.  I have tried emails, phone calls etc etc  to no avail.  Recently I sent them an email explaining that they are in a loop with this which seems to be absurd.  They responded by saying they had sent me a message   guess what  when i clicked  on the message it said I was unauthorised to view.  I have said to them that I might owe them £9.00 and am willing to pay. As  this amount when they allow me to access their  website etc  


I understand that I have to cancel my plan with them giving 30 days notice,  as I cannot get anywhere  with the ability to do this .  I am an old age pensioner and will not be treated as they have done


I am getting close to taking this conundrum to the relevant Government  complaints body.  From looking at their website I am not the  only person who has this difficulty.


I would like some one to explain how I can cancel and give 30 days notice when I am  unable to get anywhere with this organisation, or at least  give whatever number has been assigned to me after I transferred my number away


Alan Pearson



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Hi @Grumpi,

We’re sorry to hear that you have had some issues with trying to cancel your plan. There is an article which explains the different ways which can be used to cancel a plan and this can be found here.

We will send a private message to you now to offer further support with this.



[Edit: I can see that we have sent you a message a few days ago, please take a look and let me know if you need any help]