Death of contract holder

How do I notify you of the death of a contract holder? I have tried and had no reply


Best answer by Rory 24 June 2020, 09:47

Hi @ChloeS, sorry to hear you never heard back from the Bereavement Team. We’ll get someone to drop you a private message here shortly, so please be sure to check your messages.


Thank you,


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Hi @ChloeS 

Welcome to iD Community.

We are so sorry to hear about your loss.

When did you email? the team should look into and get back to you?

Did you send them a copy of the death certificate and the mobile number.



Hello Pearl,

It was 11th May when I emailed. I attached a copy of the death certificate then.

I have just forwarded the same email again to 'documents' address.

Chloe S

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Hi @ChloeS, sorry to hear you never heard back from the Bereavement Team. We’ll get someone to drop you a private message here shortly, so please be sure to check your messages.


Thank you,


Hi my Father in Law has died, how do I close the account please?

Thanks Fiona

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Hello @A Laidlaw,

We are very sorry to hear about the passing of your Father-in-law, please accept our condolences at this time. Please can you email us an attached scanned copy or a clear photo of his death certificate to our team at along with his full name, full address and phone number if you know this?

Please let us know if you do not hear back from the team within a couple of days and we’ll assist further.


My father died 10 days ago.  His contract covered his phone and that of my stepmother. We would like to transfer the account to her name. What to do?  No answer on your phone lines and no live chat. Please help. 


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Hi there @TomF.

Our sincere condolences to you and your family through this time.

Generally speaking, if you’re able to present us with a Death Certificate, we’ll be able to close any account in his name for you.


A name change on an account wouldn’t normally be something we can assist with, due to credit file checks being done on the named account holder at the point of the contract originally being taken out. 

Though is it just that you want to retain the number he had for himself?

Thanks for your reply. There are two numbers on the account. We’d like to retain one, which is used by my stepmother and move the account to her name.  If it requires a new contract and credit checks that’s ok but how do we do that?



Are you going to reply?

It seems completely impossible to communicate with your organisation by phone, chat or via this medium.  There is a vulnerable, bereaved person who needs help.  Your recorded messages claim you are focussing on vulnerable customers. Your lack of response is lamentable. 
Please respond by the close of business today. If you do not reply to this message I will go to Ofcom and the press. 

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Hi @TomF,

We are sorry to see that you have not been able to obtain support for your query so far. Unfortunately, we can’t switch the account owner over to another person. That person would need to purchase a brand new contract in their own name which will come with its own number. A PAC code can be requested by using the phone, this will enable the number to be moved away from our network, effectively saving it from being lost because we can’t move a number internally from one plan to another.

To do this, from the iD Mobile phone text PAC DDMMYY to 65075 (DDMMYY should be the account holders date of birth, for example, 301099 would be 30th October 1999). We'll text you back with your PAC number which will be valid for 30 days.

As you mention two plans, we will arrange for our support team to PM you here so we can help have the account(s) closed.