Ending my Plan

  • 23 May 2020
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I’ve been trying to end my plan for some time now and I don’t want to keep paying my monthly fee. I’ve got a new sim with a different provider, I wanted to take my number with me but the PAC code I was given didn’t work, so guess I’ve just accepted that I’m gonna have to stick with my new number. Now I can’t seem how to end my plan, I’ve followed all the advice I’ve found on the community page. I’ve texted both PAC and STAC in any attempt to just end this plan, I’ve also gone onto my account and tried to follow the link to end my plan but it’s just taking me round in circles, I don’t know what to do, please help!

1 reply

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Hello @MegPartington,


Sorry to hear that the PAC has not worked.

We’ll look into getting you a PAC code that does work so you can ensure your number isn’t lost.


I’ve PM’ed you with ho we can sort this.