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How to end your pay monthly plan

  • 21 January 2019
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If you’re thinking of ending your pay monthly phone plan and leaving iD Mobile, we’ll be sorry to see you go. But we won’t make it difficult or stand in your way – that’s not what we’re about. You’ll find all the information you need below.

If you bought your plan recently (no more than 14 days ago in-store, or no more than 30 days ago online or by phone), here’s the good news. You can simply process a return, rather cancelling your plan. It’s much easier. Visit the How to return your pay monthly plan article here.

How to cancel your pay monthly plan and end your iD Mobile contract

If you've gone past your returns period and want to end your pay monthly phone plan, you can cancel it by contacting us here. You must give us 30 days' notice. So, if you want to leave at the end of your minimum contract term, you need to notify us at least 30 days before your contract end date.

Please note: if you decide to leave before your minimum contract period, you may be charged an early cancellation fee. You can view your early cancellation fee in the iD Mobile app or My Account area - under 'My account', on the 'Manage my plan' tile click 'End my plan'. You'll then see your 'Estimated cost of a cancellation'.

If you want to keep your existing number on your new network provider, you'll need to get a PAC code from us. Just ask us for this when you contact us to end your plan. PAC codes are valid for 30 days. If you get one from us, your plan will automatically disconnect after your number has been ported out of iD. If you don't use it, your plan will continue to run.

What happens when your plan ends – and why you need to keep your Direct Debit open!
There’s just one more piece of important advice we need to give you…

  • Please, please keep your Direct Debit open. Don’t cancel it. In fact, leave it open for a whole month after you’ve disconnected. The reason why you should do this is as follows…
After your 30 days’ notice period ends, your plan will close and we’ll issue your final bill. This bill will need to be paid by Direct Debit within 14 days. This is for your line rental, any out-of-plan usage up to the point of cancellation, and an early cancellation fee if it applies. If your Direct Debit fails (and it’ll obviously fail if you’ve cancelled it), your future credit rating might be affected – so please keep your Direct Debit open!

And that’s really all there is to ending your pay monthly phone plan. If you’ve got a question that we didn’t answer above, post it below for someone in the Community to answer.

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