How/when to cancel my plan?

  • 20 October 2020
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I want to leave ID as my data signal is very bad in my area.

I am unsure exactly when to cancel my plan however. On the app, it says I am eligible for an upgrade on 9th November. I read also that it says I have to give 30 days notice.

However, if I try to cancel my plan, it says I have to pay £88.64 to cancel…

I just want the contract to end at the end of the agreed length (which I think was 24 months) so how do I give 30 days notice without having to pay a charge for asking to cancel 30 days before the end of the contract….?

I also want to get a PAC code so that I can use this number with a new provider.


3 replies

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Hi @gdmacaulay1,

We allow contract handset upgrades 60-days before the plan is due to end, so you will likely have a plan that runs into January if you’re able to upgrade in November.

If you use your PAC code after the contract minimum term date then there will be no termination fee applied when you leave and there will be no 30-day notice period needed.

If you don’t want to move your number to another network, you can give us 30-days notice exactly 30-days before the minimum term date and then the plan will end with no termination fees but you will lose your number.

For how long has your data connection been causing issues? We can look into those if you would like us to? Please provide your postcode so we can check the coverage in your area.


Hi Ryan,


My data connection has been poor for months now. I did start a new question/thread about this a while back. I was told a tower was temporarily down, but I still find myself with a poor data connection in a few areas. I know that everybody on the 3 network has the same problem, but all other providers are fine. 


My contract ends on 8th Jan. I would like to use the number with another provider. So what exactly do I have to do and on what date to make this happen without being charged? 




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Hi @gdmacaulay1,


That’s a shame to hear, but we fully understand your decision given what you’ve advised.


If in the final 30 days before your contract is due to end, you text PAC to 65075, you’ll receive a PAC code. You would then provide this code to your new network, and the number would leave us (whilst automatically disconnecting the line) and move over to them within 48 hours.