Keep my number but want to cancel my account

  • 26 March 2020
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I want to keep my UK number but want to cancel or freeze my account. I have a “Pay monthly 1  Month”, I believe its Pay as You go account (Sim Only). However, when try to use my PAC code online it says

“You can’t put in an ID PAC code. You need to get one from your old network, and use that instead.”  

I want to cancel it as I went back home (Canada) due to the virus. I am an international student so I willing coming back in September and plan to use this same contract and the same number. 

6 replies

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You might want to ask for advice via IDs social media platforms,  I used their twitter account and got a DM about my upcoming cancellation. 

I'm not keeping my number but I see you want to, would you consider losing it if it made things easier to sort via twitter DM chat ?


Anyway,  give them a go and I hope you get it sorted 

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Hello @kat 

We’re currently facing staff shortages across our social teams too, so are asking all customers to use the Community platform as first before using any other channels.  That way we can help as many customers as possible at the same time and point you in the direction of our helpful articles that we have here.  In addition, we have some other extremely knowledgeable and helpful customers who are on hand to support. This way we can get help to customers as quick as possible.


It’s not possible to port your UK number over to an international network account.


A UK SIM card can only take a UK number.

We don’t offer the ability to pause/freeze plans either so the number would be lost if canceling.



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Hi @kat , 

Are you trying to move your number over to iD or cancel your iD plan? 

In order to keep your number, you’ll need to transfer it to a network. Unfortunately, you can’t transfer a number already on the iD Mobile network, to another iD SIM, it’ll have to be transferred to another network, then you can move it back to iD Mobile at a later date.

Hope this helps,





@Mohammed @Nikhil P 

Thank you for all your help.  I did not want to transfer the number to a different network. I just wanted to temporarily suspend my plan over the summer. So I don't have to pay for it when I'm not even going to be using it. 


Can someone please tell me my options that allow me to keep my number over the summer. Without having to pay for my plan.

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Hi there @kat 

As things stand, we don’t have a means to simply pause an account (retaining the number to be activated at a later time).


Really all we could suggest here would either be to move to the cheapest Pay Monthly plan we have for the time being.  Or for you to move your number over to a Pay As You Go SIM with another network, then potentially move that number back to us again in future.