Leaving iD mobile but still being billed

  • 5 March 2020
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Having been with iD mobile since 2018, I have decided to leave as the service is dire in my area of Dorset. (it was great in Wales before relocation) I cannot use my phone at home, and when visiting it is hit and miss.

I notified iD of my intent and have had nothing but trouble trying to escape, the customer service is probably the worst I have ever encountered. I have explained that I am only leaving due to very poor signal/connection, and that my phone cannot be used, but iD continues to send charges.

I cancelled my Direct Debit as getting very frustrated, now I have been threatened that my Credit Rating will be affected, even though I have not missed a payment (and it’s not my fault the service provision is not fit for purpose).

Finally after issuing a complaint to iD mobile (and paying what I thought was final bill,, even though am now with other provider), I was told a £10 refund would be issued, the case would be closed, and I would be disconnected.

This week I receive another bill for next months service. Come on iD this is beyond belief.

2 replies

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Hello @Keefruts,


When you request to cancel, a 30-days notice disconnection is processed.


During this time, any bills are produced as per normal and monies taken during this time as per your Direct Debit. 

After disconnection, a final bill is produced and any period you have been charged passed your notice period is then credited back to you.


Please can you email us on communitysupport@idmobile.co.uk so we can pick this up?


Include your username: Keefruts so we can link the contact back to this topic.



Mohammed, I understand what you are saying with regards to 30 days notice, as in terms (which I was not told about on joining, and did not understand, through not reading terms).

But all I am saying is ,,,,the service is not available at my address 99% of the time I cannot use my mobile. I cannot contact friends or Family… People cannot ring me. So why do you expect me to pay for a service for 30 days. (would you pay a shop for nothing?)

Anyway, think I am sorted now. Have closed the complaint and will be leaving iD.