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  • 25 July 2020
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Hi. My grandma’s phone contact ended on May 22nd 2020. She cancelled her phone contract in the bank in June last month. Then, the other day I got a message from ID mobile saying they will take a payment out of her bank account next month. Then, I went online and cancelled her contract again. Then, we got a message saying a bill payment of £46.25 for the remaining months of her contract. But when she tried to use the phone to call someone outside it wouldn’t work and it said no service after she cancelled it in the bank last month. So I don’t understand why ID mobile wants to take £46.26 out of her bank account when she hasn’t used her phone or any data, minutes or texts.

Please, can you help?

3 replies

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Hi @S.Roseex,

Sorry to hear about the bills that your Grandmother has received.

If the contract was cancelled earlier than it should have you would incur a termination fee.

Cancelling the direct debit of the contract wouldn’t cancel the contract it would only cancel the payment being taken for the contract.

It’s likely that bill for June and July have gone unpaid but we need to check this out to confirm this. However the bill should provide a full breakdown of this.

In order to check it out, we would require that the account holder gets in touch. If the account holder can’t contact us via the Community she can contact us via Live Chat on the website and somebody would be happy to help.



Hi. ID mobile did take money out of her account in June 2020. I think the contract was cancelled as her phone said ‘no service’ and she couldn’t call anyone or anything.

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Hi @S.Roseex,

Unfortunately, cancelling the Direct Debit with the bank does not cancel the iD Mobile plan, so doing this will have resulted in unpaid bills which then leads to the services being suspended until the bill is paid; this may explain why the phone couldn’t be used.

We would recommend asking the account holder to try and get in touch with us here, or via our Live Chat Team found here just so we can make sure the account has been cancelled and that there are no outstanding bills.