unable to terminate contract plan due to coronavirus


I am trying to terminate my contract plan as I am at the end of my 24 month plan and do not wish to renew it. But i can not contact the call centres as they are closed because of Covid-19. What do i do as i really don’t want my plan to renew and want to cancel it as soon as possible as i am towards the end of my contract plan.

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Hi @Iffat123 

Sorry to hear you are leaving us. 

I have sent you a private message with more details. 



@AklimaRahman i have see your private message and have followed the steps you told me to. However, it says live chat is not available. The call centres are closed, live chat is not available and i‘ve also tried to terminate my contract plan on the id app but none of them work. There must be a way to solve this i really do not wish to renew it. 

Same here. Referred to and asked to ‘contact our live chat team who will be able to help you with this’ but there are no working links on that page.

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Hi @Iffat123 ,

Please can you confirm the which option you used to cancel your contract ?

Thanks ,


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Hi @sedwards65 ,

I‘ve just been on the page and it worked  just fine. 

I’ve send you a message directly.







I think we have a failure to communicate.

The page loads, but does not lead to access to chat. The word ‘chat’ appears on this page 6 times -- none are links.

I tried Chromium on Ubuntu, Firefox on Ubuntu, and Chrome on Windows. No joy. Please show me where on that page there is a link that starts chat.

@Pearl_c6 The live chat is not available. when i go on it it doesn’t allow me to speak to anyone and says live chat is not available i have tried several times. what do i do? my contract plan is coming to an end soon ?????

@Pearl_c6 i have tried everything i have tried to do it on the id app but it says i have to ring. when i ring the call centres are closed due to covid-19. what’s the solution to this

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Hi @Iffat123  @sedwards65 

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


8 days, no contact for 4 days, no resolution. Not happy.