Why was I charged after cancelling?

  • 25 July 2020
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I signed up for a SIM only deal. A day later, we all got given a free phone to use at work. So I used the CHAT function and explained this to customer services (and, fortunately, have the emailed transcript!).

I was told it was fine to cancel within a 14 day period and, as I hadn’t even installed the SIM, my account would just be closed. However, I’ve just had a bill in. I don’t understand why, as I was told it was totally cancelled

I’ve tried live chat - not working.

Any suggestions?

7 replies

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Hi @GazzaT,

When the contract is connected upon dispatch the billing would begin straight away.

You would be billed for any allowances that have been used. Did you use any allowances for the day that you had the SIM?


I didn't even open the envelope it arrived in...

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Hi @GazzaT,

We have sent you a PM with further information to check this out.

Please get back to us there and we will try and get this sorted as soon as possible.


I was able to get support via CHAT. After initially telling me there was nothing he could do, the advisor eventually agreed to remove the charge - it was only £1.05, and all seems to be good now 

I couldn't even pay if I'd wanted to (though it would have been cheaper to pay the charge than the 40 minutes of my time I spent in the online chat!). The account had been changed from contract to PAYG, and I couldn't even access the bill online or via the app,never mind getting any option to pay it online, on the app, or over the phone.

Anyway, let's hope that's the end of it.

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If there are any problems @GazzaT, just let us know here and we’ll look into it further if need be.


Take care.

To whom this may concern,

I’m trying to get through to customer support. I cancelled my contract in May at my local carphone warehouse store in Croydon but I have just come to realise I was still charged after.

I would like to ask for a refund as my contract has finished so direct payments should have stopped.

i hope to hear from you soon, thanks. 

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Hello @Feven,

You’re still billed for line rental up until the disconnection completes.

Once the disconnections completes, your final bill is generated and any line rental charged past your disconnection date is added as a credit.

Have you logged into the app to view the final bill?