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How do I toggle to show my caller ID?

  • 20 February 2020
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Hi, I have an iPhone 7 and when I click on show caller ID, it just shows a spinning wheel. Usually I turn my phone on and off and it goes away, I have tried turning it on and off, soft reset, network reset, closed all apps, enabled Siri etc and nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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29 replies

I'm also having this problem, i have tried the tips above and I am still just getting a spinning whirl.

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Hello @LaurenK  did you manage to get this resolved?



We’ll send you a PM as all of the above troubleshooting is the only recommendation we have.




Hi how do u get into network selection I rlly need to know thx for advice x

Go to settings…..

Mobile data…..


then see pics  hope this helps



Turned network selection off, my caller id toggle switch is now fixed, thanks 

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Hi @reidmcg,


Thanks for sharing your fix with us, that’s very helpful.


Take care, and please get back in touch if ever you need anything else.




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