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No MMS sending and no APN editing

hi everyone
I’ve recently transferred from another network and since coming across I’m finding I can’t send picture messages on my iPhone 6 to anyone on a different type of phone i.e. not iMessage
I’ve been speaking with the technical team at ID mobile a few times but don’t appear to be making very quick progress so I thought I would throw the question out there to see if anyone can help?
I believe I need to edit my APN settings to get this to work however currently APN isn’t available . When I go into mobile networks I’m go to options APN just simply isn’t there, my only two options or data roaming and 4G.
I’ve been through the ID mobile settings checker and it tells me it cannot automatically send me the settings for my phone and the only option available to me is to do this manually but I can’t do this manually as I don’t have the option.

Has anyone come across similar and aware of a fix? My previous carriers profile has been deleted and I currently have no profile set up.

thank you


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I have this exact same issue with an iPhone 6 plus, got to this point by Googling the problem - doesn't look very encouraging.


Why iD Mobile?