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Texts being sent from the wrong number (Android Messaging)

  • 5 December 2019
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I have a new iD SIM but wanted to port my existing Vodaphone number across.

I got a PAC from my Voda and filled in the form on iD to port the number.

Today, my Voda SIM is deactivated and I received an SMS from iD to say “Good news! You’ve transfered your number to iD...”

BUT alls calls and texts are still going out from and coming into the number on the Carphone Warehouse recieipt, not the my Voda number?

I’ve restarted the phone, but no change.

I’m on Android.

10 replies

OK - so it’s more complicated than that…

The number has ported correctly for calls and I can receive texts on it too.

BUT when I send a text it appears to come from the temporary iD SIM number.

I think this has something to do with Android’s version of iMessage - where the default SMS app is able to use ‘chat’ instead of standard SMS. This was set up before the port and I think it’s messing things up…?


OK. So I turned “Chat features” off. This fixed the problem - texts are now SMS and appear to come from the ported number.

I then turned “Chat features” back on. It re-connected, but the chats are back to coming from the temporary iD number…

I know this is a fairly new feature - is the fault with Google’s app or with the network?

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Hello @wiseman,


Sorry for the delayed response here.


Glad to hear that it’s not a porting issue. Yes, the Google Chat functions are new so it’s the first time I’ve come across this problem.


It’s very common on iMessage and the way to fix that is by updating the number manually as it’s not updated following the port.


Which phone are you using?


I’ve got the Mate 20 Pro so for me the steps are as follows:

Open Android Messaging app

Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner

Tap Settings

Tap Advanced

Scroll down to Phone number and tap this

Update the number 


Can you check and confirm this fixes the issue?




Hi Mohammed

My phone is a Lenovo P2 running LineageOS 16 (Android 9)

I tried the fix you suggested, but sadly it didn’t work. I used the “07”… format rather than “+447...” or anything like that. No spaces.

But “Chat” messages from the phone still show the temporary iD number and you have to respond to this same number from other phones in order to Chat back. (SMS and Calls go to the new number.)

I’ve also tried switching Chat features off and back on, which forces it to re-connect. But it still won’t accept the phone’s number for Chat.

I know I could try a factory reset, but I don’t really want to - least of all because backing up and restoring everything might not work.

Found a similar problem on a different network operator’s site.

They suggested putting in a different SIM in the phone (even a deactivated one). Re-start and make sure Chat features are turned off in the app. Then put the SIM you want to use back in the phone, re-start and then re-enable Chat.

I’ve just tried this, but I’m unable to re-enable Chat. I get…

Chat features unavailable for this device.

No compatible SIM card detected.

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Hey @wiseman,


After some Googling I found the following articles that may be of help:





Try the tips on here to see if this fixes the issue

Keep us updated as I mentioned, it’s the first we’ve come across this and are keen to find the answer for future scenarios.


Kind Regards,



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I’ve moved the topic and renamed it accordingly.


I’ve tried the ‘Clear the Messages app’ from the link you sent. The Chat won’t turn on, but I get a slightly different message now - instead of ‘No compatible SIM card detected’, I get…

Chat features unavailable for this device.

Your device does not currently suppot this feature.

OK. I’ve tried all of the suggestions here… https://support.google.com/messages/answer/9363493?hl=en

This means downloading the Carrier Services app, going into Airplane mode, clearing the storage on Carrier Services and forcing a restart. Then clearing the storage on Messages and forcing a restart. I then came out of Airplane mode and waited five minutes.

Trying to turn Chat back on still gives me 

Chat features unavailable for this device.

Your device does not currently suppot this feature.


I was hoping this steps on the Google page would retart the one-off set-up for Chat. 

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Hello @wiseman,


Sorry for the delayed response here.


Did you manage to get this sorted?


I’m all out of troubleshooting that I can advise on.

Have you tried the iD SIM in a different phone that supports the feature?


Perhaps even popping into a Carphone Warehouse store to troubleshoot in person?





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