bad signal and drop out

  • 10 September 2020
  • 3 replies

Both I and my husband (different types of handsets) have poor phone signal in a good 3G and 4G area. The calls drop, the reception is poor, sometimes we miss calls - the phone doesn’t ring but we get notification of a missed call.

Our postcode is CO3 area.

Please advise us what we should do to rectify this

3 replies

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Hi @HilaryAnne,


It certainly does sound like a mast issue to me if you’re both experiencing the issue. Could you provide a full postcode for us to check please? Is the situation happening everywhere, or is it localised?





My full postcode is CO3 3NL.

The problem seems to be localised, but given lockdown restrictions we haven’t been very far!

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @HilaryAnne 

It does seem like unfortunately we’ve had a bit of trouble with that mast closest to you recently.  Though we’ve sent you a private message on here now so that we can investigate this further.

Please respond there and we’ll help further.


One other thing to add is that if your phone supports WiFi calling, that would be something worth turning on in any case to potentially help things too.