Broken Contract phone

I broke my contract Iphone 8 last night just dropped and it says touch ID wasnt working then later whole phone stopped working.

 My phone is covered for breakage, but I dont know who I contact considering Covid 19 and not going out. I need a new phone.





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Hi @ursy1314,

Sorry to hear about your phone being faulty after the fall. Damage of this kind would void a warranty so a repair would be chargeable but you mention that you have it covered, do you know who with? You would ideally need to contact the coverage provider for further assistance with obtaining a repair/working phone.


I dont have contacted separetly I tought was part of mobile ID, if is not covered what do i do i do not intend to pay for a long time a contract i cant use. what are my options? cancel contract or pay to get fixer thru the contract? i dont know.

 thank you.

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Hello @ursy1314,


If you have purchased Insurance separately, then you can contact your Insurance provider to make a claim for this. iD Mobile does not provide Insurance nor is physical damage covered under warranty.


You can cancel the contract, however if you’ve still got a minimum term remaining, then a termination fee would be applicable to cancel this.