Callers hear 'number not recognised' message when they call my mobile

  • 11 September 2020
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I’ve missed quite a lot of calls recently because my phone hasn’t rung or anything - and my sister tells me that when she tried calling me, my number isn’t recognised! I tested this from my landline, first trying my number with ‘0’ at the front. It told me the number isn’t recognised. So then I tried it with ‘44’ at the beginning instead, and it went straight to ID voice mail.

Can you shed any light on why this might be happening and how I fix it, please?


7 replies

Just a note that I’m seeing the same issue, except that I get the “Number not recognised” message regardless of whether I start the number with ‘0’ or ‘0044’.

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Hi there @Debsupea @canton7 

Do you recall at all when this change started happening?

What phones are you using?  Have you recently toggled with your call forwarding settings or anything like that which would result in things going straight to voicemail?

Have you been able to test if the same problems occur when putting the iD Mobile SIM into another device at all?


Let us know and we’ll investigate this further and get this resolved for you.


I was able to receive a call at 3.15pm yesterday, so it’s broken at some point between then and now (the same number that was able to reach me yesterday was unable to today).

The phone’s a OnePlus Nord. I haven’t touched any settings (other than toggling flight mode and restarting).

When I swapped the SIM with another phone, I was able to call my number. Interestingly on swapping it back, I was still able to call it. Problem solved?

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Hi, my phone is Huawei P Smart. I seem to get some calls but a lot don't come through, and I suspect this has been happening for a while, certainly the last 4 weeks at least. I will try the sim card in my son's phone and see if it works and let you know. 



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Hi @Debsupea did you notice a change at all when using the iD SIM in another phone?

@canton7 did taking the SIM out and restarting the phone potentially resolve the issues you were having?  Or have things been problematic since your last message?

@Kevin It fixed the issue with calling from one particular number, but it seems that there are still issues from other numbers unfortunately.

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Hi @canton7,


Have you a postcode we can run a check on for you please?