Coverage problems

  • 9 August 2018
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I only received my phone on Monday, this is day four of being with the id network and I am now on my second day off bad coverage and emergency calls only. I have turned the phone off and on, I have moved around but there is no network, the coverage for the area I am in says very good on your website. It says there were issues but sorted now but this is the second day of bad coverage?


1 reply

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Welcome to the community @Natalie17

Have you popped your postcode into our Coverage Checker:

That should keep you up to date on any ongoing or known issues in your area. If you have in fact done that and it's stating some problems were only recently fixed, then it could be that things haven't completely gone back to normal yet after any such work.

Where you receiving decent service when you first received the SIM? If so, we should expect it won't be too long until things are all back to normal and will continue that way from there.

If problems persist beyond a further 24 hours, please get in touch with our Social Media Team over at:

They'll be happy to monitor things and troubleshoot things further from there if needed.