Has anyone here used O2 in the past?

  • 5 August 2019
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How were they compared to ID?

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Hey @OrganicOctopus

I did not use o2 but I used giffgaff which is using o2 masts and its owned by them. I have decided to switch to iD because of the prices. Giffgaff is becoming more expensive every year and its not really worth having it at this moment. Sim only deal that I have got with iD was 10GB of data for £10 a month. I cannot complain on outdoor connection with iD either as I get 4G in most of the parts of the town I live in. Only advantage for giffgaff was amazing indoor coverage, I do not need it that much anyway because when connected to wifi I use whatsapp anyway.
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Ok. Thanks for your reply.