How to get rid of constant no service notifications

  • 2 October 2019
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I have a samsung S8 and cannot get rid of the constant notifications alerting me of there being no service available whilst I am sat at home. I am well aware there is no service and currently cant get wifi calling but dont need to be reminded every couple of minutes!

When I do a long press on the notification, it says the notification cannot be turned off! Is there any way of silencing it without muting the phone altogether?

9 replies

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Your best option would be turning on airplane mode
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Putting it in airplane mode is not exactly going to do what I need!
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Wat do u need your phone to do um sure I will find a work around
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Hello @Kparry65,

Sorry to hear that you're getting this constant notification.

Which phone are you using?

I'll try to find out how to solve this for you.

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I have had to turn all notifications on silent as there does not seem to be an option to mute the ID mobile no service notification separately. I have a Samsung S8
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Try manually choosing network
or try contraction Samsung
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just contacted Samsung this is what they said
If your phone is notifying yo
u that it has a no network or SIM card. Please be informed that it will only turn off once you have a network signal in your phone. It can't be turned off since it is a system notifications
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Sorry that’s all I could do
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@Kparry65 there is always a solution even when there seems no hope of one!

  • Install 'Notification History' from the app store.
  • View the notifications in 'Notification History' and disable the one giving you gripe may have to do a little trial and error to see which notification to disable.
Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! you must allow this app permissions to read your mobile.

There are plenty of other apps similar, this is just one, others might work better for your resolve!

Killing the notification might not be an option but there might be options to 'Ignore message like this' which also basically stops them...