• 17 October 2019
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Because of the network work issues. As a care worker I’ve lost out on clients today due to not being able to access my emails to see any rota changes since this morning. No clients no money no money means not paying my bill simple really. 

5 replies

Nightmare is all i can say.always problems not happy been with them for 5yrs and since midnight ive had issues cant send txs or make calls etc still bad even now and noo doubt anyone of us will get any kind of compensation for it. Other networks will give extra minits or texts etc arrghhh

Spoke with is on live chat. Apparently they will be issuing compensation in form of credit on accounts towards bills 

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We are aware there were issues with the network this morning and are sorry if you experienced difficulties in using your service. Our contact centre is handling any individual customer cases, so if you’d like your complaint to be looked into further, please contact our Customer Services team

Our contact details are available at If you are still experiencing issues with your data, we recommend either restarting your phone or switching airplane mode on and off.

I am still without network cover, what’s happening? 

Mine still not working either.

Worked for few mins and keeps going off.. NOT Happy at all ive missed a very important call from my GP this morning which now means having to ring Surgery AGAIN And then wait for another telephone consultation which wont be until next week arrggghhh