No 3G/4G service in Swinton/Salford area!

  • 30 August 2018
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I think this is pretty poor. I discovered I couldn't receive 4G or 3G communication (incoming or outgoing) last night and in a house where WiFi connectivity is not great this leaves my ID mobile pretty useless.

The frustrating thing is the 'check back in 7 days for an update' - so effectively my communication could be hindered for up to 7 days (so far) that is 23% of my service yet, as with most other companies that will not be reflected in my forthcoming bill and i would be expected to pay for 100% of service.

I use my phone for work and this isn't acceptable.

To top it off their live chat has been 'too busy' most of the morning.

1 reply

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Sorry to hear of the coverage issues you're facing.

In a case like this, we'd certainly be able to look at a good-will gesture towards the line rental due to the mast work.

As with any mobile network, services are not always completely fault free but when there is a fault we endeavour to fix it as soon as possible.

If you could continue to monitor this and let us know how you get on during the next 7 days?


EDIT: I've moved your topic to the section Coverage, international & roaming