No network with new phone

  • 16 May 2020
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I upgraded my daughter's phone last month. She get a 'network unavailable' message. I have tried manually connecting, and have tested the SIM in another phone - it worked. The coverage here is very good and the problem persists at home and away. Another sim in her phone didn't work either so I assume from all this that it's a handset problem. Do you have any ideas of anything else we could try or shall we return the phone for a replacement?


1 reply

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Hello @DolphinCool,


I’m sorry to hear that.


Sounds like a handset problem there.

Have you recently reported services as lost/stolen at all? The handset would have been blacklisted if this is the case.


We’ll need to take a look at your purchase further so we can advise.

I’ve sent you a PM with how we can sort this.