Nokia 5 wifi calling set up

  • 13 July 2019
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I have a Nokia 5. Apparently WiFi calling is available for the Nokia 5 but I am unable to find any settings to set it up. Can you please advise. I am running the latest Android update 9. Pie.

My signal in my home is zero and it's meaning my calls are missed.

Wen I used similar set ups on three, I I stalled an app and it set it up. But I cannot find the option manually.


7 replies

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Hi @Jimellisuk

Unfortunately Nokia phones are not supported by iD Mobile, you can list of supported devices over here. I am pretty sure that HMD (company that design and controls Nokia phones) has disabled this feature. I have Nokia 8.1 and wifi calling does not work there either.

Kind Regards
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Hi Jimellisuk

As resident ultra Hero Hikari has advised, you can find details about what handsets are supported on our site, but this does not include the Nokia 5 unfortunately.

Generally the internet says the Nokia 5 does have WiFi calling, are we sure that this is the phone or id.

I have zero signal in my home, it has gotten worse from poor to zero. What else can id do to support users in this situation
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On iD side is that they do not support Nokia phones for WiFi Calling. On Nokia side many users reported this feature unreliable or not working at all after updating to Android Pie but had it working on Oreo.
It's a shame, I'm going to have to leave the network, I have no signal at home.

So there is no other solution?
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Unfortunately the only steps you could take are

* wait for Nokia and iD to enable/support this feature
* get a new phone directly from iD or Carphone that is on the list of supported devices.

To be honest with you I highly doubt that WiFi Calling will work on your current phone with any different provider. Probably you will need to install an app to make it work and as of my experience this is not very reliable solution.

Kind Regards
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apps that do not need data or a carrier to work so you can ditch wifi calling
Turn on wifi and your off...
Google hangouts
Google voice
to name a few...

search google for:
app for wifi calling

Going one step further with VOIP
sipgate voip can be setup in under ten minutes and you get a free number too
from 1p minute call charges... pay as you go service
GS wave is the best app to use for this service for iphone or android