not receiving calls

  • 14 December 2020
  • 3 replies

When people call me they receive message number can not be found

3 replies

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Sorry for not catching this one sooner @irinabuss 

Have you since spoken to our Live Chat Team at all?


If not and you still need help.  Are you having any other issues outside of the people you’ve said that are unable to call you?  Like for instance are you able to make calls and send texts?

In case it’s a coverage issue, could we get your full postcode?

Have several months gone without a payment?

People can not phone me and I can not receive 

messages when I'm in Bulgaria.

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Hi @irinabuss,

You should check that the international roaming feature is enabled within your online account/app to ensure your phone connects to a network when abroad. Can you check this for us?

If you have checked this and it’s still not helping, how long have you been abroad for? Usage in another EU country for longer than around 4 months at a time may cause issues due to our fair usage policy.

If you are back in the UK, does this issue happen here as well or only when you go abroad?