Not Receiving Texts .... Why?

  • 9 August 2018
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Hello, an important text was sent on monday but I didn't receive it. The sender has double checked his draft and pending boxes and the text is definitely in his sent box. It only happens with this number and I get texts ok from other people. He has an old school Nokia phone and the provider is EE. This is not the first time it has happened. Could a full memory affect the sending of a text ?..... Any help appreciated as I have spent 4 days worrying needlessly thinking he might have fallen off his perch!

5 replies

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Hello @malaprop,

That's an odd one.

Have you ever received texts from this number in the past?

It may be an issue with his coverage with his network provider so may be worth them speaking to EE for this.

Have you possibly accidentally blocked their number?


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https:// Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for your reply. His mobile states his text message was definitely sent and it is not in the' pending to be sent' box. I have received texts from this number so I know I haven't blocked it. EE said the problem was with my service provider...ID. It would be good to sort this out as it has caused a lot of problems. I haven't had any other issues as far as I know with other texts from different numbers.
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Hi @malaprop,

Thanks for getting back to us.

As you have advised that you don't have issues with other numbers, it would most likely be an issue with the senders network.

Is the sender able to send text message as normal to other numbers?

This is still a problem I sent 2 messages to other people and they have not received them either; and it is affecting my day to day planning, because of this. I have tried ringing ID mobile 3 times still no joy as I have been cut off each time with only one operator able to speak to me before we got cut off. I really need ID mobile to sort this out. This has been happening for over 14 days now.
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Hello @malaprop,

Have you tried powering down your handset, removing the SIM, powering up the handset and re-inserting the SIM?

Do you often have these issues when you're at the same address/home?