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  • 11 July 2018
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I was liking a lot of what I was learning about iD Mobile, but I must admit the Open Data Policy has put me right off. It's not very straightforward, and if I went ahead and switched to iD, I would just be worried that I was going to end up in a situation (on holiday abroad) where I'm either getting stung an extortionate amount per MB, or would have to stop using data until I get back from holiday. And presumably that additional amount is classed as a 'penalty' and therefore the capping offers no protection whatsoever? I appreciate you'll send a text (two texts) when the allowable amount is nearly used up, but still -- I don't want to be on holiday and learn that actually I can't use any more data without paying through the nose.

I've read elsewhere on the site that rolled-over data gets used first. So, if I had 300MB rolled over from the previous month, does that mean I can safely use that 300MB (abroad) *plus* the 2.05GB allowance, without fear of getting stung by the penalty, or does the penalty begin once I've used *any* 2.05GB abroad?

Also, I read elsewhere that any add-ons get used *after* the standard monthly allowance. So if my standard monthly allowance is 4GB (but the only amount I can use abroad is 2.05GB), and I deliberately purchase another 2GB in add-ons before I go abroad, does that mean I will first use the 2.05GB, then get loads of penalty while I use the remaining 1.95GB, and only *then* start using my 2GB of add-ons (penalty free)? Do you see what I mean -- lots of 'what ifs' all over the place, and even if I'm careful, if I get it wrong I could really rapidly build up a huge bill (imagine the text messages got stuck -- text messages sometimes do). I appreciate the need for you to have protection against those who might abuse it, but it's so confusing I'm tempted just to stick with the slightly more expensive Tesco Mobile, where you just know that if you've got 4GB remaining, you can use that at home or abroad without all the mental faff and worry of trying to be certain that you're not going to inadvertently fall foul of a policy.

NB: I appreciate you say that you won't charge a user the first month that they go over the 2.05GB, but again, there are uncertainties: Do you only get charged if you go over the limit in two *consecutive* months? What about if you go over the limit one month (not charged) and then go on holiday abroad the following year and go over the amount again -- has the 'first month' clause reset, or does the usage from that 2nd year now incur the charge? What about if you go over the limit, but then next month switch to a different tariff where the Open Data Policy doesn't apply, and then the following month after that, go back to one where the ODP does apply -- if you go over the limit then, does that count as 'the first month' (i.e. not charged a penalty) or has it reset?

Perhaps it's somehow a lot more straightforward than what I've picked up from reading several different pages on the site... right now I'm thinking I'll steer clear of iD and pay more to Tesco, just for the peace-of-mind of knowing there will be no costly mistakes, because it's all just clear and simple.

Sorry for the rant. I was quite gutted to find the Open Data Policy because as I said, I'm liking just about everything else about iD.



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