Phone not registered on network

  • 15 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Phone says not registered on network and cant make calls. I have a SIM free phone from Samsung (brand new) I have switched it off and on again This seems to be a common problem with ID. I know your coverage is terrible, but it’s not that. I can usually bearly make calls but this is different

2 replies

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Hi @Highlander,

We are sorry to hear about this issue; does the SIM card work in another phone?

We have a coverage checker found here that you can use to check for any reported issues in your area. If you would like to share your postcode with us here, we can have a further look at the mast status in your area.



Yes, the sim card works in other phones.

The problem just seems to be the network signal strength, it’s just too weak. For two days I was basically out of service and unable to connect/intermittent connection to network.

Did all the tests with other phone and sim cards, and again, boiled down to network signal strength. I used the coverage checker but as is well known this to be taken with a pinch of salt. Both work and home showered great coverage on the map, when in fact, and at the best, is poor.

I moved from EE because of the coverage problems I’ve experienced over the past few years, and moved to ID before realising that your on the EE network yourselves. The thing is ID coverage is not as good as EE in my experience and opinion.

I know you’ll come back with justifying the network signal strength somehow, but the bottom line is it’s just not very good.