Poor data signal in last month

  • 10 September 2020
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I have in the last month been experiencing very poor data connection. Areas near my home have no signal at all where I used to have no problems - I can’t access emails, receice/send whatsapps, connect to internet, listen to YouTube or anything.

I don’t think it’s fair to be paying for something which I am not able to even use. 

Have tried the online chat on the website, but it’s clearly an automated bot and does not help me at all. When I request to speak to an actual human, it tells me 6 seconds, 5 seconds. I waited for about 10 minutes and nothing happened and nobody helped. 

Not impressed with the customer service at all.

8 replies

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We’re very sorry to hear the troubles you’ve faced @gdmacaulay1 

Could we get your home postcode to find out if any known issues have been happening at late with your local masts?

Is it mostly at home you’ve been noticing issues?  Or is it another postcode in particular?

What phone are you using with the iD Mobile SIM currently?

It’s in various places around the area of Leith. In my home, I am always connected to wifi so not had any trouble there. All around the EH6 area.


I am using an iPhone SE.


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Hi again @gdmacaulay1 we have no widespread outages reported at the moment so we’d need to get a full postcode for your area from you to look at the mast closest to you.

Have you tried the SIM in another phone at all to see if things improve there?  That could indicate an issue with the phone itself.

Postcode: EH6 8LD


I haven’t tried putting the sim in to a different phone. However, I don’t think the phone is the issue as I know that other people on the 3 network have an issue in this area also. And I think ID use the 3 network?





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Hi @gdmacaulay1,

Thanks for the postcode, we do use the Three network for our network services and upon checking on the status of the masts in your area, we can see that there has been congestion on the mast recently which is highly likely to be affecting the service. There is also planned work on another nearby mast which at this point, states it should be completed by mid-October but this could end sooner.


Hi Ryan,


Thanks for your response and explanation. 

I understand that this can happen, but am I to keep paying for a sub-par service? It has been about a month already and if it still hasn’t been fixed by mid-October, I’ll have been paying for a phone contract which hasn’t been delivering what it should be for about 2 months which I think is very unfair.






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Hello @gdmacaulay1,

As with any other network provider, we do not provide a faultless service and are subject to masts being impacted as well as unplanned outages/maintenance.

Congestion occurs due to a high number of connections to a mast, this is more common in densely populated areas.


I can only but apologise for the issues you’ve faced thus far and we hope this is resolved soon.



Well… You’ve lost one customer. I’ll be finding a new provider when my contract comes to an end. 

Aside from the data signal problems, I couldn’t speak to a human when I wanted to about this problem. This conversation has taken place over days and could have been had in a minute over a live online chat (yes I did try this, but could only speak to a bot) or a phone call.