poor/ no signal at home

My daughter has poor signal/ more often no signal for a few weeks so I ordered a new handset for her . I swapped over old sim and the same issues continue - I will have full signal with Vodafone and she has no signal. Should I try a new Sim ? 

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Hello @Sallyronaldson,


Sorry to hear that you’re coverage isn’t good at your home area.


Please can you confirm the full postcode of the area affected so I can check the local masts?

Is this a SIM-only plan or a handset contract?



It’s a handset contract and my postcode is G61 3rn however I have recently paid to change the handset as I stated and the problem is the same with eithe handset 

I experience the exact same - today for example I have lost signal 10 times between 10:00-12:11 as I am writing this message - unfortunately this is not unusual it happens on a daily basis and is very frustrating I have never had this issue with any other service