Poor signal since joining - 12+ Months

  • 1 July 2019
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I was a Vodafone customer before coming to ID and one of the main reasons for coming to ID was because it seemed like a good network, the coverage checkers showed great signal in all the areas I needed it and the contract was a good price.

The plan was for a Pixel 2 XL phone 6GB data, unlimited minutes and texts. The signal has never been as good as it was on Vodafone and where I usually got good signal and a good internet connection I now get a mediocre connection and the internet connection quality is really bad.

I've been a customer since July 2018 - this has always been a problem but not enough to make me complain, it's become more apparent with a bit more travelling. I just don't believe the connection quality can truly be that bad in the places I have been. My partner on Vodafone never struggles.

I went in to a Carphone Warehouse store a couple of months back and one of the members of staff recommended I get a new SIM (I didn't see why this would fix it but worth a shot) so I contacted one of your support advisers online and I essentially got the response that is there is nothing wrong with my existing SIM there isn't anything you can do he also stated that as a network provider you are unable to assure me I'll have a signal in all areas. This left me quite frustrated.

I'm happy to give some details on the areas where I have experience poor signal or in some cases had no signal at all.

Any ideas on how I would fix this or is the support agents answer correct?

5 replies

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Hi @majd,

I am sorry to hear about the struggles you have faced with your signal levels. It is true that a new SIM card is unlikely to help in this situation, and the signal will depend on the coverage levels on offer. You can use our Coverage Checker here to see what the status is around your area.

In the meantime, switching your phone to connect to 3G networks only may help sustain a better level of service as 3G network coverage is generally more widespread.

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Hello! Three have the least amount of 4G spectrum, meaning there is not as much overall capacity on the network. This means the network can easily get congested. Bars also mean nothing, you could have full bars of 4G+ and that could be worse than 1 bar 4G on a different mast! The fastest speed I've got on Three is around 100mbps, and that's with only 15MHz of single spectrum. Whereas on O2 with 50MHz of combined 4G+ through carrier aggregation, I've received 250mbps.
I joined ID in November last year from Vodafone and agree the coverage is often really poor. I did all the checks for coverage when in the shop, looking at areas I'm likely to visit. I live in central London and often find i cannot connect as the coverage is poor, while my husband who is with O2 has lots of coverage? Seriously considering changing for a more even service
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I completely agree!! iD (Three) say that they've got a great signal when they haven't!! Where I live it says I will get a 'good' signal. However, I'm lucky to even make a phone call! I'm on O2 now and these deals are great:, and so is the service!
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I joined ID in April 2019 and have no signal at home and hardly any signal when out in TN35. So far ID refusing to cancel contract without a penalty. Maybe we need a class action to deal with this unfair practice of charging for a service they are not able to provide.