Roaming in Cyprus

  • 7 July 2018
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I am going to North Cyprus in summer (Turkish) but I am landing in South Cyrpus, which is allowed for free roaming. When I leave England, I believe you have to have roaming on the to able to use it in where you land, so I can do this but still not be charged. When I travel to the north, I will turn it off, but there is a chance I could still get a southern signal. The question is, when i am searching for a southern network, do I have to have roaming on or off (can't find anything about it on any website), and how much are the chatges in north cyprus for using it?

1 reply

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Hello @Faye G,

As your question is very specific, you may not find an answer to this on most websites.

Be sure to keep Roaming turned off on the phone and in your settings when you don't want to be using this.

Yes, it's possible to connect to a Southern Network when Roaming if you're close to the border.

What you can do is turn off "Automatic Network Selection" and manually connect to a Southern network (if it's available).

I believe the supported networks for this are Areeba and PrimeTel.

If you connect to the non-inclusive networks, you may incur charges. Be sure to have a minimum spend cap applied to prevent a high bill.