signal issue - signal dropping

  • 2 October 2019
  • 5 replies

GI'm having issues with my signal dropping out all the time. Even when I'm connected to Wi-Fi and it's says Wi-Fi calling it's still cutting off. It's really annoying. My area is WF10, west Yorkshire

5 replies

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Id runs on 3 try calling them
Does it? I thought it was EE !?
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Hello @BlondieKay,

I'm sorry to hear that.

iD Mobile does use Three UK's networks for coverage, however,
Id runs on 3 try calling them

Ringing Three UK is not a solution so I'm not sure why @NH101 advised this.

We offer our own support for our customers so it would be us you speak to.

Can you confirm the full postcode for me so I can find your closest mast(s) and check the coverage for any faults?

WF101PS mainly
Does it in other areas too though
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Hi @BlondieKay

How long have you noticed problems in the area for?

We are seeing that the coverage is there is quite limited at the best of times unfortunately, but currently it does seem like a known issue is affecting that postcode and work is being carried out to get things resolved.

It would be worth contacting our Customer Services Team, as this may be something we need to monitor with you. We'll also be able to credit you for any down time too to ensure you're not paying for this current disruption due to work being carried out.

You can reach us either by Live Chat or by phone.
Or you could reach out to our Facebook or Twitter Team if preferable.