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  • 12 March 2019
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I have recently had a new phone (iPhone XS max) and I am using the same sim as what I did in my old phone (iPhone 6) after it recieving perfect signal for the 4 days of having this phone the signal has been cut out and can’t receive anything, do I need a new sim?

12 replies

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Hi @JessR091102

I'm not an iD employee but there are a few things you could try first of all for nothing.

- Check to make sure you have mobile data enabled and Airplane mode disabled.

- Give your phone a reset by turning it off and on. (You'd be supprised how many times this fix's the issue)

- Removing the sim card giving it a wipe and replace back into the phone.

If all those fail i would go onto the iD website and access the coverage checker using the link below.
Type in your postcode and see if there's any ongoing issues in your area at the moment.

You could also use their live chat feature on their website for a much quicker response from a member of the iD customer service team.

Just click on help and advise then contact us area of the website and it's located at the bottom of the page.
Lines are open from 9am-8pm Mon-Fri.

They may be able to help you further or give you some up-to-date info on the coverage in your area.

Hope that helps in some way :)

Best Regards
Hi. Same problem to me and my wife . 2 ID contract phone and 2 days ago starting the signal problem. Lower signal or nothing. I'D Can you FIX The problems.
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Hi @JessR091102,

Sorry to hear about the issues that you have experienced.

As you have advised that you have had issues on both devices I would advise that you check the current signal in your area.

If the coverage checker doesn't show any issues I would advise to contact our Live Chat Team Here.



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Hi @SNAGY71,

Sorry to hear about the issue in your area.

Unfortunately the issue in your area has been going on for longer than expected and we hope to have an update within 7 days.

I would advise to check this again within 7 days and hopefully the coverage should resume as normal.



My Wife phone signal is more poor signal
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I didn’t have a problem on my iPhone 6, I had my iPhone XS Max put the same sim in and it worked fine for 3/4 days now it says SIM card not provisioned, I can’t access your live chat as they’re always busy and won’t let me on there
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Hi @JessR091102 ,

Sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with signal in your area. If you processed an upgrade, you may have received a new SIM with this. In most cases with an upgrade, the new SIM is blank and not active.

Are you able to try your old iD SIM in the device?

We would like to investigate this further. If you are unable to get through to Live Chat you can email us at

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I received a new sim and activated it, it works in my iPhone 6 but not in my iPhone XS Max, I’ve tried other sims in my iPhone XS Max and they work it’s only your sims that don’t
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Hello Jess,

Have you checked to ensure that the iPhone XS Max is updated to the latest firmware?

Have you tried the iD SIM in another handset? You mentioned that the SIM originally worked for a few days to begin with.