Terrible connectivity on data/voice



I am sick of iD Mobile’s subpart coverage.

From 2 cases where I had NO data or calls in Europe to the irratic signal in “Good Outdoor/Indoor” coverage areas. Your technical assistance only wasted my time and contradicted itself several times in the 2 instances.


You are flat out the worst network I have been on. The amount of grief I have gotten from bad signal or no data exactly when I needed it defies belief.


Sort it out!

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Hello @Veekee,

I’m sorry to hear that.


We can only investigate Roaming issues when you’re abroad, so it may be a little late to look into these now.


What issues are you having currently?



Hi Mohammed,


I did contact your support who in the end were not able to help on two separate occasions.

Now I am getting poor signal where Vodafone users next to me have no issues. Intermittent drop off and delayed voice on calls.

If you offer your low prices based on subpar service, that should be clearly stated.

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Hi @Veekee 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.