Unable to make calls

  • 14 November 2018
  • 8 replies

I am able to connect to the Internet but not able to make calls. I have topped up credit.

8 replies

I am unable to make calls. I have received messages and can connect to the internet
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Hi @Bigcat11,

I have merged your posts due to the similarities to enable you to get help quicker.

What happens when you try to make a call, do you hear any error messages? Also, have you got any remaining credit, or has this been used to purchase a bundle?

I have five ponds credit. The calls don't even connect. It cuts off before it starts ringing.
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Hi Bigcat, where did you get your SIM from please?
What phone are you using?

It's a Samsung tab A 2016 version. The tablet came with the sim from a curry's store.
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Hi Bigcat,

Have you ever been able to make calls from the device?

No I haven't.
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Hi Bigcatt11, thanks.
It's likely that you've got an AIO SIM which does not support calling, it's only for data use as it was provided with the tablet.

You can purchase a normal SIM which will still work in your tablet but also provide the option to make calls.