WiFi Calling on non premium phones

  • 11 November 2019
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Hi All 

As a person that likes to get value for money I always buy a Mobile from an up and coming mobile phone manufacturer, currently I have a UmiDigi Z2. It is almost impossible to get support from mobile network providers for these budget phones. This subject is for people to share whether WiFi Calling / VoLTE works on budget smart phones on the ID Mobile network.

I walked in to a 3 shop about a week ago and they gave me a “free sim” to try and I was able to enable the VoLTE option and WiFi Calling option in my phone and received a test call. The only reason I did not immediately sign up for a 12 month contract was the price. I am a low usage consumer less than 1GB per month and 3 lowest cost plan is for 4GB / month. Most importantly  I cannot get any reliable mobile signal in my home . I have to walk 100 meters up a hill to get a signal. I will be going to Carphone Warehouse today and ask if I can test an ID mobile SIM. If it works I will sign up for a contract.

If other Android Smartphone owners of say Elephone, Cubot, Oppo, Meizu or any other non Premium brand would like to share their own stories please add a message to this thread.

Please note you need to be on android 8 Oreo or newer to enable this feature.

2 replies

I asked Carphone Warehouse if I could try a SIM to see if WiFi calling would work but was disappointed when told that they did not have an activated SIM and if I wanted to try I would have to buy. As ID is a virtual network on the 3 real network and the 3 SIM I tried in the 3 shop worked. I signed up for a contract inserted the SIM and 3 hours later back at home with no signal on any network I was able to receive and make calls using WiFi Calling.

So if your phone is running Android 8 or newer, not a premium brand and you want WiFi Calling. ID network SIM’s work and also 3 network SIM’s works OK.

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Hello @Plascoch,

Unfortunately, this handset is not included in the compatible list of WiFi Calling handsets on our network.


You can find this list here: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/wifi-calling

It’s unlikely that this handset would be added to our list of compatible devices as it’s not one we currently sell.


I’m sorry that I don’t have a more favourable response. 

I’ve converted the topic to a discussion as there’s no question that needs answering here and other users can leave their thoughts below.