3 second lag on calls

  • 6 March 2021
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Weird one to ask. 

I moved to ID in November. Since then, I’ve had two calls (out of quite a few during lockdown!) which have had a terrible, 3 second lag. It is so, so frustrating. 

It’s like we’re speaking on an old 90s satellite link. The quality of the call is fine, there’s just a horrible delay on both ends of the line. 

has anyone else had this? Is there a problem with the network? I’m in West London if that helps diagnose any issues further. 

if I do a FaceTime audio call over the 4G network it’s fine. When this happens I’m not on wifi calling, I’m on the standard 4G calling. 

thanks for any suggestions. 

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3 replies

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Hello @rwmorris,

That’s odd.

I only have ever had this issue when using Whatsapp voice calls but never on my actual voice 3G/4G calls.

Can you calrfiy is this intermittent I’m guessing?

Or is this happening on every call you make?

How many bars of coverage do you have when you make this call and what’s the full post 



Hey @Mohammed! Thanks for getting back to me.

It is really strange, I’d expect it on calls through WhatsApp and FaceTime Audio but it’s never happened on those types of calls over 4G, even when I've only got one bar (my signal does vary, some days it’s full signal, other days it’s one bar, I’m in W5 3LL).

It is intermittent, from all the calls I’ve had through iD since I moved in November, it’s happened twice. First time was just after Christmas with a family member and I kind of assumed that was just a bad line.

On that Christmas call, there were times I’d almost get like a clicking sound, and then it was after that, the delay would start. We stopped and restarted the call three times, and after a few minutes each time there were a few clicks or drops in signal (split seconds of silence) and the lag started. We tried it on her landline and on her mobile. Same result three times.

But, it happened again on Friday when I was on a call with my car insurer to do some boring admin stuff. As you can imagine, reading out a car numberplate to someone when there’s a 3-4 second delay is incredibly annoying. 

Both times, I’ve had full signal during these calls.

Any suggestions? It’s really weird and it’s not a problem I’ve had on any other network, and no-one else on the forum seems to have it!


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Hello @rwmorris,

Thanks for clarifying that.


The Christmas one I’d chalk down to congestion. At that period everyone’s at home and there are more connections to the mast which may have caused this. Since it’s only 2 times it’s occurred since joining, it doesn’t seem like a long term fault.

The postcode shows Excellent Outdoor and Good Indoor coverage so I can’t see anything currently that could be causing this.


If you could keep a log of:

Date & Time this ocurred

Number affected (as in the recepient)

Incoming/Outgoing call

Bars at the time of the call.


If this happens again, log it like above and just drop us a message (no personal info) just advising the “issue has happened again on x date”.

We’ll send you a PM and get a ticket logged to our TechTeam to look into for you.