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5G iPhone 12

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Hi, does anybody know if 5G is enabled for iPhone 12? The iD website gives 2 different answers. When I go into settings on my iPhone it only gives me the option to choose either 4G or 3G, I may have answered my own question but just wanted to make sure I was in the same not as everyone else




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I think this maybe the issue but I can’t turn off data roaming as in a different country at moment.


thank you all for your help.


8. Have you turned on data roaming?

It is important to be clear at the moment that no iPhone 12 series model, including the maxed-out variant iPhone 12 Pro Max, can be used by 5G networks when ON data roaming has been switched on. This is because the network carrier around the world continues to work to deploy its 5G roaming assistance. Therefore, you will get mobile data through LTE or 4G networks when you are travelling and have enabled data roaming on your iPhone 12. In case you want to use 5G networks when traveling, in the country where you are in you, you can receive a local SIM card or eSIM and, as available, use it as a 5G line.


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Hi @Yanto,

Have you been able to travel to another area where 5G is present to see if the connection changes to 5G? The iPhone may not be picking up the 5G signal as strongly as the Samsung phone does at your current location due to the difference in hardware.


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@Ryan, it looks like @Yanto was using the iD SIM (overseas) in one of the 50 inclusive roaming destinations.

The https://www.idmobile.co.uk/5g web page states:

Can I use 5G abroad?
Unfortunately, not at the moment - you will only be able to use 5G in the UK. If you travel abroad and connect to a 5G-enabled operator, you will be unable to use their 5G network and it’ll use their standard 4G or 3G network instead.

I guess there aren’t any / many 5G roaming agreements in place yet. The fact the Samsung 5G handset worked but the Apple did not, just goes to show the need for these 5G roaming agreements, so customers know what will and won’t work.

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Hi @andewhite,

I replied to @Yanto’s message at the end of the first page without noticing that he sent a second message after it. The second message had moved onto page two so I didn’t see it until now.

Hopefully 5G rollout across the world goes smoothly so those agreements can be put into place.


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