I have had prettu awful signal since i joined iD mobile

  • 15 September 2020
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Hi, I joined iD mobile a months ago and the best signal I can get in my house is usually one or two bars. The most I think I’ve ever had in my house is barely three bars and even when I go out it’s usually only one or two. I have checked your signal checker and it says my area has good coverage which doesn’t seem the case to me. Would there be any solutions to this such as removing SIM card or getting a replacement sim as at this point I am considering changing carrier?


3 replies

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Hi @Chocolateflufflebunny,


Have you tried the SIM card in a different handset to see how it behaves? Also, have you tried the SIM of a different network in the handset to see if you have the same issue?



Hi @Will

Thanks for the suggestion. The signal seems to change really frequently a moment ago it was one bar and now it’s two and I haven’t moved. I’m not sure why this is but I will try to put the sim in a different device. I am currently using an iPhone SE. What would it prove if I put the sim of a different carrier in the same device?



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Hi there @Chocolateflufflebunny 

If the SIM works fine in another device, that could indicate a signal issue with the handset in question.  Or help us potentially diagnose if the SIM is having issues if it’s the same everywhere.

Could we get your full home postcode to check if any known issues are affecting the area?

Do you happen to have WiFi calling turned on in the iPhone?  This will give you a signal boost whenever you’re on WiFi if a building is proving hard to penetrate signal in.
More on that here: