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Internet Routing Issue

  • 28 March 2022
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I don't know why but I am suddenly unable to connect to my mail server using my phone unless I enable a VPN or am on a wifi connection.

I have tested from the phone using ping and traceroute and both fail, its not the phone or the email set up as it works via wifi and vpn as mentioned.

Email server is - I suspect a routing issue from the ID / Three network to this server address - anyone else able to test if they can ping or traceroute using their sim data connection only ( not wifi)



1 reply

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Hey @SlyReg, this one’s a bit outside my knowledge base, I must say, I’ve never heard of an issue like this, and I’ve been with iD for over three years. Having said that, if it’s working over Wi-Fi or VPN, your theory has some credence.

What sort of error message are you getting? I’m wondering if it could be the adult content filter kicking in mistakenly.


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