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New Contract - Mobile Data doesnt work from home

  • 14 July 2020
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I’ve just taken out a new contract with ID mobile via Carphone warehouse.


My mobile data however does not work from home. I have either 0 or 1 bar of connection and nothing will load or work without WIFI.


My data seems to be alright when out and about but it is an issue that it doesn’t work from home - if my WiFi is down it doesn’t work then I have no internet connection. This isn’t the service I signed up for and according to the checker, mobile data  should work fine in this location. 

Any help is appreciated.


thank you 

7 replies

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Hello @Marr_1997,


The coverage checker only provides an estimate of the levels of coverage we’d expect.

Of course other factors need to be taken into consideration such as outdoor/indoor coverage availability at the area, thickness of walls/materials etc and whether the area is rural/urban.


What’s the postcode of the area you’re using it in?


Carphone Warehouse offers a 14-day change of mind/coverage guarantee so if you’re unhappy, we highly recommend contacting them to cancel this.

Outside of this period, you’ll no longer be eligible for a return.




Hi. I have been with I'd mobile for over a year an never had a problem, the other day I paid my outstanding balance a day late, but my data still does not work and it was two days agao I paid it, it says my outstanding balance is 0 pound and that its all payed but it still has not come on, anytime I try to ring someone it goes straight the customer call line but then proceeds to tell me I don't have any outstanding balances, I don't know if its a glitch on the Contract on the app (as that's what I pay through) or something to do with my sim. 

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Have you used the network status checker for your location?

The could be an ongoing service disruption affecting mobile data in your area.

Anyway, good luck @Charlie Wilk096.

No as it had worked in the area before there was not an issue with my data until after I made my last payment 2 days ago 

I am also in a different area that I have jsut checked has no network changes or anything and it is still not working 

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Okay @Charlie Wilk096, try the iD Live Chat service to fix this.
Type “talk to a person” once you’re connected, to avoid the annoying 24/7 chat-bot.

Just a thought - your Mobile Data is actually turned on on your handset?

Sometimes it gets turned off by mistake - but good luck anyway.

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Hi @Charlie Wilk096, just checking in to see if you got this sorted?


Thank you,



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