No Service in Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield

  • 11 June 2018
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I have had no service for my phone for the past six days. When you search the covereage & network staus checker it displays the following
The mast you're connected to has a lot of traffic right now. We know about this and we're working on expanding the capacity of the mast to let more people use it. This should fix the problems you're seeing. We're aiming to have this sorted by 10 June 2018.
All that appears to happen is that ID mobile just change the date on the status
You can check any time within the day or night and it shows the same message
I have reported this matter twice to ID & they have no idea when this problem will be resolved
They just tell you to switch the phone off then back on then remove your sim then re install
This is not a phone problem, it is a service provider problem !
Surely this problem should not take this long to fix
I await a positive answer from ID and a reduction in my charges

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Hi @Waggy

I'm going to send you some information via PM, please keep an eye out.


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Hello @Waggy,

Sorry to hear you're having coverage issues at your home address and that this has been ongoing for some time.

In some cases, an upgrade like this takes a little longer. This is because we need to obtain permission from the land owner (if the mast is on private property) before we can upgrade this.

Do you also have this issue away from home?


EDIT: I've moved your topic to the section: Coverage, international & roaming as this relates to an issue with your coverage.
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Hi Mohammad,
I can receive a signal if I travel 3 miles from my home
so it is definately a local mast problem
I can sympathise that some jobs take a little longer but what is annoying is when you get the same message on the status page every day telling you that they hope to fix it on the same day and the same message appears every day with just a date change
If this job is taking longer than usual, tell the customer, don't fob them off. At least they know where they stand
I have been in contact again today and have been told that iD technical has got to speak to 3 technical to find out the status of the mast problem and they are hoping for a solution by the end of week
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Hi Waggy,

I completely understand your frustrations here and we're sorry that we are unable to provide you with any further information at the moment.

Our Tech Team are working hard to rectify the coverage issues and until then you will see the same message on our coverage page.

If you have been in touch with our Customer Service Team then they will contact you with an update to your coverage complaint.

Please keep an eye on the coverage checker for information as this will be updated as soon as we have news. I'm sorry we can't offer you any more positive information at the moment.

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Well, here I am again with no service for the 13th day
with the same message appearing on the network status checker with just the date changing every day
Have had no communication by email from iD Mobile as promised with any update at all
They managed to take money last week for my monthly payment with no problems though
I intend to travel to my local Carphone Warehouse shop tomorrow to use their phone so that I can phone iD Mobile and demand compensation & a release from my current contract with no penalties
I will keep fellow customers aware of how this progresses
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Happened to be 5 miles away from home where I have a signal on the phone and would you believe it - iD sent me a text asking me to ring them as they have news from their technical dept. even though I asked them to email me due to NO SIGNAL!!!!
Stopped in a layby and rang them
The news from the Technical Dept. is that they have NO NEWS on the problem resolution
Have told them I now wish to terminate the contract with no penalty and compensate me for no service
being supplied
The adviser told me that he has passed on this request on to the relevent dept. with which a reply will take 3 to 5 days.
In the mean time still have a phone service that is non existant
Once again, I will keep fellow customers aware of how this progresses
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Hi @Waggy

I'm going to send you some information via PM, please keep an eye out.