No signal inside or outside unless using wifi calling

I have no signal at all inside or outside my house unless I am connected to WiFi and it's saying no service even when connected to WiFi. I had to swap phones from my Samsung Galaxy S20 to an Huawei P20 Lite as I had smashed my LCD and not prepared to spend £300 to fix it, my Huawei was on ID as it was my first phone with yous so I don't see any problems why it wouldn't work I've tried the signal checker and it says very good in your area, I've tried restart my phone, airplane mode, turning my phone on and off and still nothing, I need this sorted.

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Hello @Mexican720 

Please can you confirm if your SIM card worked OK in your Samsung ? 

When the iD SIM is in the Huawei are there any error messages ? Dose the iD Mobile symbol show on your device ?

Please can you also make sure you have the correct setting installed and your phone has been updated to the latest software.


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I done all updates that was needed before inserting sim card and no ID symbol unless I slide down from the top of the screen and it says ID WiFi calling and yes my sim card worked in my Samsung, I don't see any error messages at all apart from it saying no service 


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Hi @Mexican720,


I’m wondering if when you’ve damaged your Samsung Galaxy S20, you may have damaged the SIM card. We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account, so we can discuss your issue further.

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My SIM card still works in my Samsung Galaxy S20 so I don't understand the issue?

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ooohhhhh, sorry @Mexican720.


I just assumed it wasn’t working in either, my bad.


If that’s the case then, have you tried going into your handsets network settings with the SIM in the Huawei and manually selecting a network? If so, which ones appear to select from?



It's alright and was O2 and Vodafone the other night but only Vodafone yesterday I've also added an new APN

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Hello @Mexican720,

Just so I understand this correctly,

Your Samsung S20 has a broken screen so you’ve swapped this iD SIM into the Huawei handset.

Prior to this, the services did or did not work in the Samsung fine?


As of right now, the SIM is being used in the Huawei (which was previously used with an iD SIM) and you are unable to obtain any network connection at all so no calls, texts, or data incoming or outgoing?

When you run a search for networks which networks show in the results?



Yes my Samsung Galaxy S20 screen has broken and everything was working fine, I have now put the SIM card from the S20 into my Huawei and now nothing works apart from ID WiFi calling, when I ran a search for networks Vodafone is the only one that appeared.

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Hi @Mexican720 ,

Have you tried a different network SIM inside the Huawei to ensure that it’s not an issue with the handset itself?

Have you tried manually searching for the iD network but turning off the Automatic network selection?




Tried an O2 SIM card in it but doesn't recognize the SIM and tried my new ID SIM card that I received this morning in it and just saying no service and doesn't even come up WiFi calling when with my old SIM card from ID it comes up with WiFi calling and YES I have tried manually searching for networks, if you were to read previous message you would have seen.

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@Mexican720 ,

It seems that the issue is with the handset itself if it isn’t picking up other networks SIM’s also.

Have you checked that the handset has the latest software installed and no updates are due?





READ PREVIOUS MESSAGES, my ID SIM card has been recognised cause it says ID WiFi calling and full phone been updated.

I don't get a signal unless connected to WiFi and when connected to WiFi I can still make calls, texts and receive them.

My handset is from ID mobile which is yourselves so completely don't understand.

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@Mexican720 ,

I can see that we have sent you a PM.

If you require further assistance please get back to our PM.




That was 22 hours ago!!!!

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We have got back to your Private Message now.