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Person who called or I'm calling can't hear me

  • 15 October 2020
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For about the last week calls i make or receive, the other party can't hear me. It takes several attempts before getting a connection that works. I live in Belfast.


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Thanks Paul I'll give it a whirl 👍

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Hi @gaultd,


Have you tried the SIM card in another handset?


Just thinking if the issue is everywhere, with all callers, it may well be a handset issue. Trying the SIM in another handset would allow us to know either way based on how it behaves.



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Yes of course I tried the sim in another phone.

It was definitely a network issue. However, that was about 9 months ago and the problem seems to have gone away now.

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Oh that’s great to hear.


Thanks for letting us know @gaultd. Didn’t realize your post was from so long ago sorry!





I have also tried 2 phones. I have does as welshpaul suggested,  I'll let you know how it gets on 

I've had the same issue here too, on three different handsets and two sims.  Seems Wi-Fi calling is worse so maybe VoLTE might be the issue. Have tried turning that off and will see how it goes. Not ideal though as this also kills 4g data.  Been like this for over a month now.

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It doesn’t kill 4G data unless you're in a call…


When VoLTE is turned off, your calls go out over the 3G network and so any background data will also use the 3G network but only during the call. When the call has ended your data uses the 4G network again. 🙂


FYI - When you turn VoLTE on, all your 4G calls are VoIP based (Similar to WiFi calling - different protocols).

Hi I'd like to add to this.


Google pixel 6 pro, had it for two months,

Can hear but can't be heard. WiFi calling doesn't help. Apparently great coverage in ts10 area.

Tried SIM in another phone still got the problem

Any help?




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Hello @Shane123,

Check if you’re on the latest software.

Try recording an audio clip and play this back. If the issue persists, it’s down to a handset fault.





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