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Poor Download Speed / slow 4G

  • 29 February 2020
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Hi everyone. I’m not all that familiar with mobile data. 

I have an ID mobile sim and my wife has a virgin mobile sim. Using fast.com, my average download speed is ~1 Mb and my wife’s is ~12 Mb in the same location (home). 

Is this simply due to virgin mobile having better signal at our home? I would like to stay with ID if I can, but might need to change to virgin mobile if this slow performance persists.

(We currently don’t have broadband, so are reliant on phone sim for internet connection)

Thanks for any help/advice. 


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32 replies

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Hello Mohammed, that’s worked for now thank you, however does that mean I have to keep iMessage switched on as well as normal sms messages ?

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Hello @Munu,

I don’t use an iPhone but if I’m correct, iMessage will send a text via iMessage when on WiFi or data.

But if unavailable it’ll default to sending as SMS.


Hope that answers this.


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Hello Mohammed, thank you for the feedback, it’s all working now. Sms messages being delivered okay.

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Hello @Munu,

I’m pleased to hear that it’s all working now :)




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Hi - I’m having the same issues. My data speed has dropped right down in the last week or so to around 1mbps whereas previously it was 15-20. My postcode is NG9 1GE

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Hi @marzi,


We are sorry to hear that.


I can see that we have some unplanned outage in the area and our team are working on getting it resolved as quickly as possible.






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