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Poor Signal Since Switching

  • 1 March 2022
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Hi, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra and took out a plan with ID mobile. I checked the coverage map before I signed up and I was getting excellent 4g and 5g was available in some areas I travel too. Excellent I thought as that's the same service as I was getting with EE my previous network. 


Since joining I keep getting signal issues, consistently I don't seem to get 4g and instead get H+ and the signal doesn't seem too great either.

I've tried tweaking my settings and I've got everything set up right. I honestly feel like I've been misold because if I knew the network issues in advance I would have changed networks. 

I'm just hoping this is a temporarily blip. 




5 replies

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Unfortunately EE and three - iD’s network partner - have different networks, often with different coverage and signal strengths at the same location.

Have you checked for any service disruptions at the locations you are having trouble, using the three network status checker?

Anyway, good luck.

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Hey @Derri,

Have you tried the network status checker above that @andewhite recommended? It will give an idea of if there are any ongoing works in the area that could be impacting this.




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Can I jump on here and ask if people are paying for the Samsung s22 ultras then they are getting them but if I've pre ordered I'm having to wait? I'd really like to know whats going on with my upgrade can someone please help me as I've been a customer since at least 2016 and I've never been left waiting like this and not knowing what's going on. I've always upgraded and it's always been really simple. Money was taken from my account and I know you may say its pending but its still been taken from my account, its still money I have not been able to spend this month. I just want to know what's happening. I feel like by the time I get the phone the offer for the ear buds will be gone and over and that's a really unfair situation as that was a massive selling point. I really hope someone can help me as I'm starting to feel really frustrated if I'm honest 

Had my s22 ultra for 3 weeks really wish I hadnt got it.  Moved from 02 to id and the signal is horrendous.  Only time its ok is when im in the house and use wifi.  I also feel that I was miss sold this phone

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Hi @beautifulluyou, please contact the Live Chat team for an update on your order.

@Jill Mick Did you check the coverage levels in your area before joining us? If you purchased online, you do have a 30-day returns window.


Thank you,



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