Slow 4G last 2 days

  • 3 January 2019
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Been a happy customer for 3 years now, never had any speed issues.. But for the past 2 days, I barely get 5 mbps, and it's often less than 1 mbps.

Network status suggests that all is ok, so I'm stumped why my speeds have suddenly dropped off?

17 replies

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Hve your tried one for below troubleshooting steps?

* Rebooting your phone
* Reset your Network Settings
* Reinsterting your SIM card

Let us know if any of these helped.

@terrywebbs may have a solution for it too.
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Thanks for the reply. Tried a reboot, no change. If I reset my network settings, will I need to make any manual changes afterwards?
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OK, have tried all 3 now. Latest results, 0.2Mbps 😡😡
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Hi Which area are you using it in? Signal all good? And what are the APN settings you’re using?
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Hi. SS3, nothing has changed with regard to my location, or my APN settings. They're the settings supplied by ID when I joined 3 years ago
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And signal is 80%
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Just walked 10 mins away, now back to normal. So where I work must suddenly be in a black spot maybe?
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Depending on what mobile you have you can try toggling the 4G setting to 3G then back again [not the same as switching it off] this can reset the network signal. Main causes of your issue can be the wifi, turn that off when using the data as that can interfere with a data connection. Try turning off bluetooth also.
Toggling airplane mode on and then off can fix some network related issues.
Make sure you have roaming off on your mobile and check your dashboard account and turn that off there too.

What app are you using to test the data transfer?
the best one is or the speedtest app by ookla

Have you popped your postcode into our Coverage Checker:

That should keep you up to date on any ongoing or known issues in your area. If you have in fact done that and it's stating some problems were only recently fixed, then it could be that things haven't completely gone back to normal yet after any such work. [worth checking both 3G and 4G]

If problems persist beyond a further 24 hours, please get in touch with our Social Media Team over at:

They'll be happy to monitor things and troubleshoot things further from there if needed.

finally download the ccleaner app and do a clean of the mobile and test your connection again
there could be a rouge app accessing your data stream and eating the bandwidth up?
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@terrywebbs Thank you for the extensive response, much appreciated.

Some of the settings you mentioned I already had tried, but those that I hadn't, I have now.

I'm using the ookla speedtest app. The slow speeds were when I was at work, 5 miles away from home. Now I'm home, I'm getting 75Mbps down speeds, so I'll try again at work tomorrow and see if it improves.

I'm an obsessive 'cleaner' so I know it's not that, and I always monitor hungry apps, so I'd know if it was sonething else eating away at my bandwidth.

Incidentally, both postcodes, at work and at home, show as having good coverage on the checker.

Thanks again
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@Solfer only too glad to help, seems you are getting exceptional speeds at home, they are very similar speeds to me. However like you at work it is terrible I have to use wifi-calling, with no signal at all, must be a black hole in certain areas indoors!!! Fluorescent lighting doesn't help either, well thats all I can put it down to at work.
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Hi @Solfer

Has it only been in the past week or so that the slow speeds have started to become apparent at your work postcode? (Was it previously better?).

Sometimes if work was done on mast's in the area it can take a while for things to get back to how they where. We'd need to know the postcode of an area though to potentially investigate any work that's gone on in a particular area.
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Hi @Kevin yes, it's only recently its dropped off. Checked again today and still hovering around the 1mbps mark.

Not a problem, still have WiFi here at work.
I have recently found too, over the last week or two, the speed of 4G to become appalling! I'm in Yorkshire and I know we're a bit slow but this is worse than dial up. I just got a 1mb download speed and 0.01mb upload!
Had a brainwave and turned 4G off. 3G is 11mbps and 1.7mb upload! Shockingly poor 4G.
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Just to follow up on my original post.. Speeds are still crawling when I'm at work, so definitely must have been some work done, as its never been that bad usually.

And in total contrast, from home just now, I've just run another speed test with the Ookla app.... . And hit an unbelievable 99mbps Download and 29mbps Upload!!!
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I had this problem earlier today but seems fine now though
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Me too, didn't last long though so maybe just the area i was in. Sorted itself out now, seems to be fine.