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Very bad 3g and 4g coverage

  • 9 April 2018
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I took out a 1 month SIM only contract today, as soon as the SIM was activated I've noticed signal is AWFUL. I cannot make calls at home, let alone get data access.. same applies to work, however there is a few spots at work I get enough signal to make calls. I've followed the steps online to improve the signal, they did nothing. What can be done? I just left Vodafone as they cost more but at least I get signal/service for the money I spend.
Can I cancel this 1 month contract and not lose my money?
Can this be dealt with on live chat, because like said - NO call service at home...
Extremely frustrated right now, iD are meant to be taking my mobile number from Vodafone however it's not happened yet.
What do I do?!

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Hi Leah.Louise, it's disappointing to hear that you've got poor coverage at the locations you are using the iD Mobile SIM. We offer a 30 day returns period for SIMs bought from our site which allows you to test the service. If you are not able to make the most of your SIM, you can contact us to complete a cancellation.

You can use live chat for this or message us your details on Facebook or Twitter.

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I was with Vodafone as well and left free of charge because of the Roaming changes. Decided to go to iD, due to great value and more data but it does seem that coverage is something this network lacks.

I thought Vodafone was pretty bad but it turns out Three is worse. There are significantly more mobile blackspots, it's a shock to go into any store and finding no signal. Some areas I drive around have no signal and it's just an utter mess with coverage.

When using an VoLTE handset, there is an much better coverage outside compared to my normal 4G handset.

Do remember that 3G and 4G will operate at higher frequencies than 2G, so the actual distance the mast can cover is lower. This is expected and on some non-widespread 3G areas you may actually fallback onto EE's 2G MBNL masts.

For the data issues, do try network resets, if you have signal and getting the dreaded no data. It seems to be something with Three's and iD's APN messing around.

If you want to talk to iD, do try their social media feeds or live chat, hopefully they can sort something out. I'm personally sticking atm with them as they've got signal at work and I can't find a better deal.


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