very slow internet from 2years

  • 2 June 2021
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It is 2 years now my sim gives me slowest internet speed sometime poor signal too. although three mobile sim on same dual sim mobile has better speed . even on my wife's phone with three sim it is 5 times faster . and EE is supper fast on her dual sim  . do id has some deal with its provider to throttle its speed  to save money or the choose victims like me who complains after 2 years or not at all gives them craaap speed. there should be some business decency or shame . i believe may be they are targeting people like me who do not have time to  complain .i m too close to give up and move . but i think they don't give a daaammmnnn anyway otherwise it will not even come to this . it is all none seriousness and irresponsibility. i am very sorry for my frustration .  

4 replies

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Hello @wasidfan,

We certainly don’t have any restrictions I’m aware of to throttle our speeds.

Devices can only use 1 SIM for data (but can use dual for calls & texts).

You need to ensure that the APN settings are correct for the iD SIM though as using Three UK’s APNs may cause issues with the data services and could be a factor.

Have you tried removing the Three UK SIM altogether, then changing to the iD APNs and testing with only the iD SIM in the phone?


Having 2 SIMS may be why the iD SIM is struggling here.




I am currently having the exact same issue and have reported a complaint because of it. Been contacted by a very nice lady on the complaints team to try replacing the SIM, but reading the forums, this seems to be very common.

I'm only averaging about 1 to 5mb/s in a city area. My colleagues on O2 and EE are getting up to 80mb/s. 

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Your options are limited. 😔

  1. Try resetting “network settings” on your handset
  2. Try your SIM in a different handset
  3. Replace the SIM

Realistically though it’s likely down to network congestion in your area.

Yeah, honestly I've tested everything. Different sim in the same phone from EE or O2 is fetching significant improvements over ID. I'm guessing Three's network is so oversubscribed its become unusable now. Unfortunate.