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Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling

  • 29 March 2018
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No i didnt come from CPW - it was a tesco’s refurb from ebay… it could have had some history i guess but its an immaculate refurb and works perfectly other than wifi calling… wifi calling appears to be a bit bleading edge hit and miss at the moment

As previously mentioned by others, if it was on another network (despite it being unlocked) there's problem something in the custom firmware that's preventing WiFi calling from working on ID.

Any chance of the Motorola G9 Plus being added to the list?

I see that people ask for certain phones to be added to “the list”. Why?

Could someone please explain to me what, exactly, is the purpose of “the list”? Is it that:

  1. If a phone is on the list, then VoLTE on that phone is guaranteed/supposed/likely(*) to work? (delete as appropriate)
  2. If a phone is not on the list, then VoLTE on that phone is guaranteed/supposed/likely(*) to not work? (delete as appropriate)

I am asking because I have a VoLTE-enabled phone which is not on the list. Does the fact that it is not on the list mean that it is guaranteed to not work?

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Hi @jaimet,

Phones on the list above are devices that we have tested and therefore should work.

If a phone is not listed then it doesn’t mean it won’t work for definite, it’s just that we haven’t tested the phone or when we did, we couldn’t support the service at that time.


Hi @Ryan ,


That explains it perfectly - thank you. In that case, can I please ask:

I’ve recently signed up to idmobile hoping that I would be able to use VoLTE on my LG G5. When I force my phone to use “LTE only” (by using the menu available under *#*#4636#*#*), the phone successfully connects using 4G. The “VoLTE Provisioned” switch is showing on “On”, the “Voice Network Type” shows “LTE” and the “Data Network Type” shows “LTE”, but the “IMS Service Status” menu option shows:

IMS Status

IMS Registration: Not registered

Voice over LTE: Unavailable

Do you know whether this is likely to be a problem on my end (device) or on your end (carrier), and whether there is anything that I can do to fix it? TIA, Jaime